Building Strong Relationships for Effective Public Policy Solutions

We are proud to be the Wisconsin member-firm in The Advocacy Group (TAG). 

TAG is an organization of some of the top lobbying and consulting firms from around the country, and we understand that navigating the complex political arena requires expertise, insight, and action. This is why the TAG network of member-firms work together, collectively providing clients with comprehensive results-oriented strategies. Our integrated team offers invaluable local insight and solutions to clients seeking to succeed in public affairs and government relations.

The Advocacy Group

Achieving Success Through A Cohesive Network

Unlike other multi-state organizations, our TAG members interact with each other on a regular basis.  With a member-firm in every state, TAG builds close relationships between state members—benefiting shared multi-state clients through information sharing, strategy, and shared experiences.

TAG members are an extremely well-connected, cohesive network that has been successfully solving public policy challenges for businesses, organizations, trade associations, and not-for-profits since 1992.

Circle Networking

Discuss Your Multi-State Government Relations Needs With Our TAG Experts Today!

We would be happy to discuss any government relations, public affairs, or procurement needs you have in other states and give you background on those state TAG members.